Woo-Hoo, Save the Date!

Yay!! it’s official!

March 17th from 6:00-9:00 PM for our next conference, Ephrata Community Church in Ephrata, PA.

I am MORE excited about this conference than any before it!!!

We will have light refreshments, worship, 3 presentations and time for discussion and questions!

Would you love to learn more about the biblical way to ……Break Free, Release Control, and Leave a Legacy of Love?

That’s our theme, AND, due to YOUR requests, THIS year’s conference is geared for women of ALL ages and stages of life!

AND, until December 24th at 11:59PM, the tickets for the first 24 attendees are only $24!!


Go here for tickets!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for the sponsors and attendees that have made Refresh and Renew such a success. We look forward to more conferences in the future and if you are looking for help with your next event contact us!

Thank You to Our 2015 Sponsors!

We just wanted to once again thank our sponsors of Refresh and Renew and to remind you if you need any of the following services in 2016 we recommend these businesses.  They have been faithful supporters who believe in the vision of Refresh and Renew!

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14 Topics! One Weekend!

Can you imagine yourself relaxing in a beautiful atmosphere, having your meals made for you, relaxing, listening, learning, and growing alongside other ladies? If so Refresh and Renew Conference is for you!


You get to choose and attend the break out sessions that you are MOST interested………AND/OR

-Spend time in the knitting and crocheting room, decorating blankets for moms who have had stillborn babies

‐Learn about essential oils in the essential oils room

‐Catch up with your scrapbooking in our scrapbook room


Sessions will include topics like:

‐Bedroom Expectation (Sex in Marriage)

‐12 Godly Characteristics to Instill in our Children

‐Lessons for the Pre-‐Teen Years

‐CAPTIVE– Dealing with our Thoughts

‐Whose Yolk are You Wearing?


‐Overcoming Disappointment

‐Essential Oils 101 and More

‐Teaching our Children to Value Their Bodies

‐Healthy Meal Planning on a Budget

‐Homeschooling 101

‐Homeschooling Highschool

‐Food Allergies…Real or Fallacy

‐ Questions and Answers……We Can Help Each Other


You won’t want to miss this!  Register today!

The Importance of Attending a Conference

As a mom of young children, our days are controlled and dominated by the needs of our children. It’s easy to forget, or even lose, who we are as  women during those physically hard and emotionally charged years.  I think that’s why women struggle when they are finally empty nesters.

But suppose we look at those child rearing days as the wonderful opportunity and honor that they are, but not forget who WE are designed to be. We can still enjoy our passions and fulfill our destinies. It just takes some planning and choosing to be intentional.

Here is a post from the Virtuous Woman that shares 4 worthwhile points to help remember who we are:

“1. Simplify. We talked about slowing down and saying no to too many outside activities. Simplifying your life really does bring more peace and joy! Less is MORE. We don’t need more stuff. We don’t need more to do. We don’t need more, more, more.

Unfortunately, for most Americans, the mindset is often MORE IS MORE. Cut down on the clutter in your life – whether it be things cluttering your time, your space, your home, your relationship, your walk with Christ. Get rid of the excess things that are dragging you down instead of lifting you up.

2. Make your home pretty. I know, most of us are on tight budgets these days. But making your home pretty doesn’t  have to cost a lot. Use your creativity. Scour decorating blogs for ideas on how to turn trash into treasure. Visit flea markets and thrift stores and yard sales if you can’t afford to shop at department stores. And even then, sometimes you can find amazing deals in stores you think you can’t afford to shop in.

I find most of my “pretty” things at stores like Wal-Mart, Big Lots, Hobby Lobby, and Dollar General.

3. Set aside time each week for you. I enjoy spending time on my Project Life albums. Sometimes I like to just spend a couple of hours in the morning {on slow days} to peruse my favorite homemaking blogs for inspiration. I also love hiking and camping. I feel refreshed when I get to spend an afternoon out with my kids on a hike. Maybe you enjoy sewing or painting. Whatever it is that brings you joy, make  time for it.

4. Read edifying and inspiring books. Of course, the BEST book to read to help you feel inspired in your ministry at home is the Bible. And I encourage each of you to spend regular time in prayer and study.”

You can read the entire post here.


I would add, take time away from your family. Take a class, go to a lecture, join a small group, attend a woman’s conference every year. Learn more about WHO you are.

I am one of 4 moms who started a conference just for women. We tackle topics meant to help us grow in Christ, and to fulfill the destinies for which we were created. Do you want to learn about healthy meal planning, or how God’s grace is important for us each day, or how we can raise children who love God so much, that they won’t need to be taught to honor their bodies with their life choices.

That is just a sampling of the keynotes and sessions available for the weekend conference.

We’ll even have a room just for scrapbooking, and another room to embroider flowers on pre-made blankets to be given to moms who have experienced a stillborn child, and other activities, including massages!

The conference is described on this site.

If you are unable to attend this conference, find one that is a fit for you. You will be blessed. Your whole family will benefit from your time away.